PV Seattle Week Kicks Off!

Today we began our 7th annual PV Seattle Week. As seems to always be the case when this week rolls around each year, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. (Really, it does rain quite a bit here…) While we don’t have any PVs traveling in from far and wide, we do have 15 local PVs taking part in the week’s activities and we are all excited to get things going!

Our first day of service was working in the kitchen at OSL. OSL (formally Operation Sack Lunch) provides meals to several groups around Seattle as well as for their Outdoor Meal Site. Today we had a hand preparing the 1,600 meals that come out of their kitchen daily. The volunteers chopped onions, crumbled up cheese for a delicious macaroni and cheese that was served for lunch, chopped zucchini and cucumbers, and sorted a prepared herbs that were donated in small prepared packaging. Almost all of the food used to prepare the meals is donated or rescued items. The chefs at OSL would do great being on Chopped as each day they look at what they have to work with and created delicious and healthy meals. If you want to read more about OSL, please check out their website: https://www.oslserves.org/

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