PV Fundraiser and Reunion a Success!

What a weekend! PVs gathered on the Jersey Shore this weekend for the annual reunion, but this year was a little different. Local PVs Wayne and Jo had planned a fundraiser dinner for Saturday night, with proceeds going to the PVs. The dinner was so much fun and very successful as a fundraiser. Between the dinner, a basket auction and 50/50 raffle, in total more than $4,000 was raised!!! NONE of this would have been possible with the generosity and all the hard work that Wayne and Jo did to make this event a success. We cannot thank them enough!!! Between food and drink donations, getting donations for the baskets that were auctioned off, selling tickets and so much more, they put so much into making this event a success. Thank you to all who attend (including a wonderful contingent of PVs!) and to the Friendly Sons Of Shillelagh for allowing us to have the event there.

Besides the dinner, we did have our reunion and meeting, although a shortened version. Thank you to the volunteers who came and for Jo for hosting the day at her house. There is always something magical that happens when the PVs gather together, and it isn’t just the wonderful music : ). Please enjoy a sampling of pictures below, there are more to share from the dinner, will post them ASAP.

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