NIU – Wednesday

By chance, all the sites started a little later today, so all enjoyed a little bit of a sleep in this morning. Instead of waking up when is was still dark, we were able to catch a bit of a sunrise.

We were able to finish up at the home repair site in Ravencliffe today by installing the railings to the newly build steps. The finished product looked great and the home owner was pleased with the work done. It was great that every student had a part in building the steps and will leave that bit of them behind when they leave on Saturday.

Another group with to the Itmann Food Bank to finish up the floor painting, just in time for Friday’s Distribution Day. It will be looking great for all the folks that come in!

The third group of students went to Head Start to work with the kids there. This was the last day at Head Start for the week. A big thank you to the teachers and staff for such a great welcome to the students.

Tomorrow the whole group will work at a site together. Stay tuned for more on that tomorrow…..

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