New Jersey PVs Live with Passion!!!

This past weekend, a wonderful, weekend long, Live with Passion event took place in Clark, NJ. It included a day of service, as well as a fundraising walk and raffle.

On Saturday the volunteers painted the floors and walls of St. John’s Food Pantry in Clark. In just 7 hours, the volunteers achieved a freshly painted pantry. And though the day was spent working, the volunteers said they had so much fun. All you have to do is look at the pictures (and the bonus video) to see they were having fun and working hard. Thank you to everyone who made the day possible.

On Sunday, there was a PV walk and like any other PV event, it was filled with love and laughter. As the organizer of the whole event Julia said on her Facebook, “I’m so happy to be reunited with my fellow PVs, and to get my family and friends involved!”

Thank you so much to everyone who participated during the weekend and to those who couldn’t be there in person but supported by a donation. Close to $800 was raised and it will go directly to our programs, helping those in need!!  Thank you also to those who donated raffle prizes:  Valencia Music School, Ana’s Studio 24 and Mari Melao’s donation of a BeautyCounter basket.  And finally thank you to Julia for organizing this great event! It is such a great idea to bring the PV service experience to our own communities and to include family and friends and support the PVs along the way. This model can be replicated anywhere! Who is next????  : )

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