New Jersey PVs Have Exciting Plans for the Live with Passion, Join Them If You Can!!!

PV Julia Melao has organized a weekend of service, community building, reflection and even a walk-a-thon to support the PVs for the annual Live with Passion. All the details are below.  If you are in the NY/NJ/PA/CT area we encourage you to take part. It should be a great weekend!!!

Julia first started coming to West Virginia with her family when she was 11 years old. Now in college, she had returned each summer and has become more involved with the program as a summer long volunteer and has also served on our PV Youth Board and the PV Steering Committee. Another great young PV getting things done!!!

We’re looking for your support in our 11th Annual Live with Passion Weekend for the PV Program!

The PV Program is a non-profit organization that sets out to serve in communities that need it most – whether it be through lending a hand at a food pantry, or setting out to build a new set of stairs or a ramp for a family in West Virginia. To see see sites we have worked on in the past, as well as volunteer testimonies, visit our website at

On the weekend of October 6th, PVs from all corners of the U.S. will be hosting their own fundraisers for this very special organization. The Melao family has decided to participate in this weekend by starting it off with a day of service, and ending with a Walk for Passion.

Our community service day will include a major paint job for St. John’s Food Pantry in Clark, NJ, followed by dinner and reflection at the Melao household. The next day, all will gather again at my family’s house and we will walk Oak Ridge Park to fundraise for the PV Program. After our walkathon, all can head back to the Melao house for bagels, stories, and giveaways to be raffled off for anyone who participates/donates in this weekend!

If you would like to participate/donate, please reach out to me at (908) 463-7954, or We need helping hands and moving feet!

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