Aurora Thursday

Today was another great day in Aurora and working at Hesed House. Apologies for the late and short post from yesterday, your poster had a splitting headache and had togo to bed : )  But back to today…..

The days are getting warmer as the week has gone on, but it has been beautifully sunny week. Today at Hesed Hose we started out the day with a great information and tour session to learn even more about Hesed House. Since we have been there each day this week, it was great to learn all the ins and outs.  After the session we broke into small groups and began working on projects including: painting lines in the parking  lot, painting walls, cleaning EVERYTHING in the kitchen, assembling computer desks, sorting clothes and so much more! We wrapped up a little early and made a trip to the local ice cream place and a little hike along the fox river.

Dinner tonight  was a leftover extravaganza!! We got to enjoy all the great food we all ate all week!

We decided to do our closing reflection tonight since a couple of volunteers need to leave in the morning. We reflected on the idea of giving and how it goes both ways. We give, but we also are given so much. I was nice to reflect back on the week and all the great experiences we had. Much was given both from the volunteers and to us from the people we encountered.

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