First Aurora Day

Yesterday evening PVs descended up Aurora to begin the the 6th annual PV week. After our community meal and commissioning we planned for the week ahead and then curled up on our air mattresses and had a good night’s sleep.

Today the volunteers spent the day helping with odds and ends jobs at Hesed House. Hesed House is in the middle of a huge transistion in part of the facility. They are turning their transistional housing area into a family shelter and a permanent supportive housing facility.  The PV crew cleaned, scraped, painted, assembled furniture and any other thing asked. It wa a great day!

Dinner tonight was delicious. We had tuna noodle casserole, mashed potatoes, corn and for dessert, peach cobbler. Yum yum! After dinner we gathered for reflection. We reflected on the idea of flexibility and its importance, especially in service.

The assembly directions for the Ikea furniture were a perfect symbol of us as PVs. The first guy is grumpy because he has to work alone, but well he has a buddy everyone is happy. PVs never do anything alone!

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