We Convince By Our Presence

We convince by our presence — Walt Whitman

We dodged lots of rain today…it was on and off thunderstorms today, but the volunteers were very patient and flexible and were able to wait the storms out an then get back out and continue working. Not the most ideal of circumstances, but one of the PVs key descriptors isn’t flexibility for nothing!

Work continued at the site in Fan Rock. The volunteers continued to weed eat around the property making the yard and hillside look fantastic. The steps and railings were installed on the front of the porch and great progress was made in the porch roof construction. Part of a day tomorrow and we will be set!

The ramp site continued to run smoothly as most of the framing is done. It is a long ramp, but the decking and railings should go up pretty quickly. Great work was done here today as well, as the framing is always the most tedious part.

We were treated to pasta fagioli for dinner tonight, along with salad and bread. Seemed to fit the rainy weather pretty well. Dessert was a yummy dump cake right from the PV Cookbook.

Reflection tonight centered on what gifts we each bring to the community. The PVs sure are a talented and generous bunch!

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