Put Your Heart, Mind and Soul…

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.         Swami Sivananda

The crew spent most of the day up at the ramp site in Rock View. There are some finishing pieces that needed to be done from last week and they put a good dent into today. The volunteers were able to trim back the shelter roof that was now hanging over the newly built ramp. You would never know that it looked any different after the trim. They were also able to build an additional platform and ramp section that ended up being needed after we realized that the driveway kind of falls away and we needed some extra length to make up for it. It looks great and should be done after half a day tomorrow.

The group also spent their lunch hour down at St. Vincent dePaul to be available to help unload a large truck of donations that were coming. By the time the truck arrived from Wheeling there were a lot of helpers there to unload so the volunteers went back up to the site, but not before enjoying pizza a time catching up with Debbie.

Dinner tonight was quite a gourmet feast. We had sweet potato and/or meat tacos, with homemade black bean, corn and cilantro salsa and all the other taco fixings. It was all delicious.

Tonight’s reflection was about kindness. The kindness we show others, that others show us and the kindness we often forget to show ourselves. We shared kindnesses that we have seen here in West Virginia.

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