Love the moment….

“Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.”  Corita Kent

This past weekend we were sad to say goodbye to most of the group, but were happy to welcome newly arriving volunteers on Sunday. After sharing a meal together to start off the week, we gathered for Commissioning and to talk about the work of the upcoming week.

We had two crews out in the county today on home repair projects. The first crew continued to work on the site that we started in Glen Fork on Friday. Today they were able to sand the areas that were mudded and taped and they were able to start to put the first coat of paint in the kitchen. They were also able to patch a piece of drywall around the circuit breaker box. And probably most importantly, they were about to hold a 6 week old baby : )

The second crew started a ramp project in Rock View, just past the St. Vincent dePaul warehouse. The first day of a ramp project is always a lot of figuring and measuring. They made great progress today and were able to build the first platform and map out the rest of the ramp.

We were treated to a pasta feast for dinner. The sausage and fresh bread were brought especially for dinner by the family that prepared it all the way from the Bronx. It was all delicious and to top off the meal we were treated to homemade ice cream cake.

Reflection tonight centered on how or where we see God, especially here in West Virginia. It was wonderful to hear everyone thoughts and reflections.

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