Only Serve Love

Our morning commute

The morning started off with probably one of the more unique PV commutes to a job site, West Seattle to Downtown via a water taxi.

Our destination for today’s service activity was OSL, ( a wonderful organization that serves three meals a day, seven days a week working with more than 32 partner organizations. In 2017 they served a total of 648,908 meals. The eight PVs were tasked with working in their main kitchen preparing meals. We sorted bread, cleaned fruits and veggies and did anything that was asked of us. After the prep work was done, we served the meal at Compass House, whose kitchen OSL uses. Once that was complete and the volunteers ate, we headed up to the OSL’s outdoor meal site under the freeway. There we were able to serve more than 200 people who came for warm, hearty meal. This site is unique as anyone can come and have a meal here, three meals a day, seven days a week, no questions asked.

Hard at work in the kitchen

PVs after serving lunch at the outdoor meal site










PVs and friends : )

Once we wrapped up our full day with OSL, it was time to take advantage of the fact we were downtown and explore the city. We went to the Pike Place Market, the infamous Gum Wall and down to the waterfront. By the time we stepped back onto the water taxi for our trip home we were ready to rest out feet.

As with all PV experiences, finished up the day with a shared meal and spent time reflecting on the day together.

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