2018 PV Reunion

It was like a family reunion in New Jersey this weekend. Volunteers from the greater NY/NJ/PA area gathered to reminisce about old times, catch up on each others lives, and talk about the future of the program. While the temperatures were on the cooler side and we just missed a snowstorm that came through a day before, we had blue skies and sunshine. Of course this meant after meeting for a little while, we took a trek down to the ocean in Bradley Beach to take in the beauty.

In the evening we  took a short drive to Wall where we were joined by more PVs and were treated to a wonderful evening of food, friendship and fellowship. It is always wonderful to reconnect with volunteers. It is really amazing how we live our own lives most of the year, but that one connection of being a PV is so strong that when we see each other it is as no time has passed.

We cannot thank enough our hosts for the weekend, Wayne and Jo. Between the two of them, they house us, they feed us and welcome us with warmth and the most wonderful hospitality. We would not be able to have this weekend without them.

Thank you to everyone who came. You made the weekend special!!!

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